Don’t Wait!

I recently found this video and have probably watched it 25 times in the last few weeks. I love the simplicity of the ultimate message for a number of reasons. I primarily love its brevity…2 words!

Don’t wait!

For too many endeavors, we get caught up in the preparation. The checklist containing the various pre-requisites, gear, and financial steps needed to tackle a particular objective. While good planning is paramount, it’s far too easy to get trapped in the cycle of needing this, that and the other thing before taking the plunge.

Earlier this year Rich Roll interviewed David Goggins on his podcast. David has completed a number of incredibly demanding challenges such as U.S. Army Ranger School, SEAL training, Badwater 135 mile ultramarathon across Death Valley, Ultraman World Championships and more. He mentions how people are constantly asking him about training for events and the subsequent questions such as what kind of shoes do I need, what kind of smartwatch is best, training plans, etc. How do I start training for ____?

His answer (paraphrasing) – Go out and start running!!!!!!!!

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