Acting. Yes, acting!

It was something I’d always wanted to try. You put something off, life takes over, the checklists run wild and, before you can catch your breath, you lose track of the things you were going to do someday. For the last few years I’ve been determined not to lose sight of these pursuits. While I often wonder if I’m stretching myself too thin, I ultimately know that the alternative, playing it safe, is eternally more painful and stress-inducing.

Flash forward and I recently completed my second acting course at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. I’ve enjoyed every second of my class time; feeling the rush of performing (or trying to) in front of an audience. There’s something cathartic and freeing about throwing caution to the wind and not being concerned with making a fool of myself. With that said, the environment has been fun and supportive to no end. Learning bits and pieces of the craft of acting has provided glimpses at our shared humanity in times of good and bad in addition to an overall greater appreciation for the arts and the dedicated people who make a career pursuing something innovative, authentic and pure.

Having seen “La La Land” the night before the Oscar’s I was intrigued to learn more about this unconventional film among the seemingly endless parade of remakes and sequels that populate the cinema. In an article titled, “Why La La Land Worked Better Than Anyone Dreamed” one line jumped off the screen.

“The only risk you can take these days is not taking a risk.”

I’ve always thought that the vast majority of us live in relative comfort and, therefore, our tolerance for risk, discomfort and uncertainty can be somewhat skewed. It takes a conscious effort to seek out risk when routine becomes the norm. I’m grateful I’ve found acting as a way to explore new skills, meet artistic and creative people, gain a greater appreciation for the arts and take a risk!

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