Is Sidney Crosby getting better with age?

It was only 10-11 months ago. Many hockey people were saying the Penguins’ captain looked tired and ordinary as his team hovered around the edges of playoff contention. He was a passenger on a mediocre team. After a coaching change, some tweaks in the team’s systems and a dominant run through the Stanley Cup Playoffs, #87 looks poised to regain the title of the game’s best player. While any player with a history of concussions is one body check away from early retirement, Crosby has had an unbelievable last few months after winning the Conn Smythe trophy in June and just last night being named the MVP of the World Cup.

A recent interview came with an insightful look at Crosby’s highs and lows along with a simple yet brilliant point about athletics and performance.

“When he’s at his best, he’s always smiling on the ice.” There’s no doubt he’s a tireless worker who possesses an elite skill set along with the intangibles of a champion. But is having fun the wild card in his DNA as a player?

We don’t typically associate professional sports with fun and smiling. After all, pro athletes are highly-paid men and women who tirelessly devote their lives to mastering skills in the pursuit of championships and glory.

In simplest terms, high-level athletics is like anything on the base level. When we are having fun, the magic happens……the flow…..where time stands stills and training or playing becomes automatic.

He’s only 29. It will be fun to see what’s next for #87!

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