A new challenge

Change is a tricky thing. I crave it often. Once it’s inevitable I often find it brings unexpected emotions and a flood of memories thought to be forgotten.

After 8 years at USA Hockey, I’ve taken a new position with the Jr. Reign Youth Hockey Association in Carlsbad, CA. Trading the snow and mountains for the sandy beach is a bittersweet change. During my time with USAH, I made countless friendships, found inspiring mentors and developed new skills. I was able to work with coaches and players from all corners of our country while also representing the organization in Romania on three occasions.

Driving out of USA Hockey’s headquarters upon completing my last day.

Beyond work, I married my best friend in Colorado, learned to ski, took my first acting classes and competed in my first triathlon. Colorado became the state in which I’ve spent the most amount of time (in years) besides my home state of Arizona. The great game of hockey has taken me all over the country and world and now brings me back to the west coast. California brings a sense of wanderlust and excitement for new possibilities. Learning to surf, exploring Big Sur and Joshua Tree and developing my photography skills are high on the list. In recent days, I’ve commented to a few people that I feel like I’m on holiday right now, being brand-new to the area. When I think about it more, I often felt that way in Colorado. Whether it was driving west on I-70 to the mountains, exploring new restaurants and shops in Denver or simply glancing west at the Rocky Mountains, the magic of Colorado is just as present in California. Along with other places (Saskatchewan, Montana, Minnesota) I’ve been fortunate to spend significant time, Colorado will always be home.

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